Tastemade Travel | Urban Axes in Austin

Tastmade October, 2017

Test your skills in an axe-throwing competition at Urban Axes

TimeOut Philadelphia October 19, 2017

Hatchet-Throwing Venue With A Bar Heads To Highlandtown

CBS Baltimore October 12, 2017

Urban Axes lets you throw axes & drink beer.

Do512 October 11, 2017

Hatchets and beer: Coming to a Baltimore venue next year

The Baltimore Sun October 11, 2017

Amanda and Joe go head-to-head at Urban Axes

Studio 512 September 18, 2017

Joe Barlow takes on Urban Axes

Studio 512 September 18, 2017

"2017 BEST NEW GROUP ACTIVITY - Urban Axes."

Philladelphia Magazine August, 2017

"Lots of fun things to do for a night around town with a group friends and now you can add ax throwing to the mix."

FOX 7 Austin August 17, 2017

"Forget nightclubs – toss hatchets instead at Austin’s newest club."

Austin American Statesman August 10, 2017

"I Tried It: Ax Throwing in Kensington."

Philadelphia Magazine August 2, 2017

"People Are Throwing Axes for Fun — and This Woman Helps Make It Happen."

The Penny Hoarder July 25, 2017

"BYOB ax-throwing facility Urban Axes coming to East Austin."

Community Impact Newspaper July 11, 2017

"Axes Granted: Stress-Reducing Ax-Throwing Arenas Coming To East Austin."

East Austin Patch July 7, 2017

"Urban Axes: Killing it in Philly."

Metro July 6, 2017

"Austin’s first-ever axe-throwing club set to open this summer."

Austin 360 July 5, 2017

"Austin's first-ever axe-throwing arena targets summer opening."

Culture Map Austin June 30, 2017

"Here’s the Scoop on Philadelphia’s Popular New Hot Spot, Urban Axes."

WooderIce.com June 30, 2017

"Axe throwing hits the region."

newsworks January 11, 2017

"Think of competitive ax throwing like a more extreme version of darts. Urban Axes may be unique, but it isn't crazy."

newsworks January 3, 2017

"Urban Axes, devoted entirely to throwing axes for fun, opens in Kensington."

philadelphia weekly December 28, 2016

"With a flick of the wrist your weapon spirals through the air and (hopefully) slices into the inner circle of the target — bullseye."

Atlas Obscura November 30, 2016

"Find a best friend while throwing axes."

Philly Voice November 9, 2016

"Philadelphia’s very first axe-throwing facility opened in September. The 8,000-square-foot venue hosts supervised and structured axe-throwing tournaments."

BIZBASH November 9, 2016

"Small Talk: Axe throwing offers unique kind of fun."

Daily Local News October 21, 2016

"On a recent trip to Kensington axe-throwing club Urban Axes, I realized it’s perfect for using Instagram’s Boomerang app."

Philadelphia Magazine October 7, 2016

“Axe-throwing is about form, technique and muscle memory, not strength – a lot like golf."

South China Morning Post October 5, 2016

“It’s this constant quest for mastery. It’s mentally challenging as well.” Although, he concedes, “it’s not hugely challenging physically.” Which would explain the beer."

The Denver Post October 5, 2016

"One attraction of competitive axe-throwing: a level hurling field. Most likely, you will stink in the beginning. Later, you will improve."

The Washington Post September 30, 2016

"The competitiveness is coming out in me. I'm going to get this thing in the darn bullseye!"

ABC News September 23, 2016

"They showed up at Urban Axes in Kensington, where "it was like playing darts with axes" Symon said. Vetri not only beat Symon a few years back on Iron Chef America, he beat him at ax-throwing."

philly.com September 15, 2016

"So, are you up to the challenge of becoming your own axepert? Gather a group of friends or join one of the Urban Axes’ leagues, and get ready to do a little ax-kicking."

uwishunu September 13, 2016

"It is incredibly unique. I think the novelty will draw people initially. But once they get the axe-throwing down, they are going to get the bug and just want to keep doing it."

FOX 29 September 13, 2016 Video

"You come with a bunch of friends, have a couple of hours of fun. Urban Axes provides the axes!"

6abc September 12, 2016 Video

"When your ax sticks, watch out. It’s like a sports stadium. And it’s even more amplified when the “big ax” comes out."

STAR September 8, 2016

"You guys are bringing life back to Kensington... It's nothing like we've seen before in the US."

FOX 29 August 26, 2016 Video

"Grab your viking horns, get your "Game of Thrones" on and channel your inner "Braveheart" because axe throwing is now happening in Philadelphia."

6abc August 25, 2016 Video

"On a recent evening, two groups of eight to 12 players faced off, two at a time, to hurl axes toward twin bull's-eyes, first in a round-robin, then in a single-elimination bracket."

philly.com August 18, 2016

"If you like the idea of throwing axes while drinking a few beers, a new league in Philadelphia may be just what you are looking for!"

CBS Philly August 18, 2016 Video

"On a recent evening, two groups of eight to 12 players faced off, two at a time, to hurl axes toward twin bull's-eyes, first in a round-robin, then in a single-elimination bracket."

The Inquirer August 17, 2016

"Have you ever thrown an axe? Ever wanted to? Well now you can, at Urban Axes Philly. Trust us, it's safe, we did it and you can to."

CSN Philly August 9, 2016 Video

"Take a look at Philly’s latest hangout spot, Urban Axes! Urban Axes is complete with 16 throwing lanes offering leagues and private events."

PHL17 August 8, 2016 Video

"As the first U.S. throwing gym in a major American city, Urban Axes will offer a plethora of axe-throwing services. Private parties, competitive axe-throwing leagues, or just hanging out with some friends while you eat takeout and throw axes."

Men's Journal June 14, 2016

"Yes, really. Indoor competitive axe-throwing is coming to Philly. First thing to know: It’s very safe. Second thing to know: It’s fun as hell."

Billy Penn June 2, 2016